Missy Higgins at The Potterage


Exciting day at The Potterage recently when the lovely songsmith Missy Higgins arrived  to shoot her latest music video “Futon Couch”.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFg3Tp5D3lM 

Director Josh Harris  www.welcomethemachines.com  was onsite at 7.30am with film unit and props team to transform my house into a film set.  Huge lights were slung over the rafters and the windows were darkened so the evening dinner party set could be created. Then came the dancers, caterers, and non stop action.  Missy sang and danced her way tirelessly and faultlessly through the sequences, over and over again while Dave, Radar and the film team shot it from every angle.  It was such a treat to witness the professionalism and good humour of all involved and inspired in me a renewed respect for the industry.  By 2am Zac had packed away all his props and rehung my pictures and photos and the last of the team left. 18 hour days…that’s dedication!

The wait to see the final video was finally over yesterday when it was released.  It is a triumph.


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