SNOOZE at The Potterage

The SNOOZE team spent a day at The Potterage making some videos and photographing some exciting new wares!   See more here.  Creators of Comfortable; ‘Coringle Furniture’  

Painted Surfaces Workshop

elegant wall

Come and spend a day at The Potterage on Sunday May 20th 2018 and learn how to create elegant, timeless wall finishes with interior designer Linda Pottage.  Places are strictly limited to a maximum of six participants and the day will include lunch at the Potterage and all paints, brushes, surfaces, notes and equipment.  This will be a hands on workshop so wear your painting clothes! To find out more  drop Linda an email    or contact her via Facebook    

Missy Higgins at The Potterage


Exciting day at The Potterage recently when the lovely songsmith Missy Higgins arrived  to shoot her latest music video “Futon Couch”.  Director Josh Harris  was onsite at 7.30am with film unit and props team to transform my house into a film set.  Huge lights were slung over the rafters and the windows were darkened so the evening dinner party set could be created. Then came the dancers, caterers, and non stop action.  Missy sang and danced her way tirelessly and faultlessly through the sequences, over and over again while Dave, Radar and the film team shot it from

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